In this digital era, have you ever wondered why many people choose to be graphic designers or why they learn graphic design? Even when there are a lot of options in this sector? Well, there are a lot of potential reasons and factors. Every booming industry needs a graphic designer for better results in every sector. Below are some reasons why to choose graphic design.

1) Job opportunities

Graphic designers are needed in all types of companies from magazine companies to architecture firms and everywhere in between And you can always decide for yourself which area fits you the best and choose from the wide range of companies asking for the presence of a graphic designing.

2) World-wide scope

There is a need for graphic design across the globe. Companies recruiting designers for various job roles, so the career options are unlimited in worldwide. Who would not want to emigrate to another country and sign up for a new lifestyle?

3) Choose your own forte

Graphic designers do not necessarily need to apply to jobs for graphic design. There are numerous other roles and fortes too, satisfying the talent and interest of candidates from all walks.

4) Good salary opportunities

Designers are one of the balancing wheels of any industry and hence, they are paid quite well, even for the bare minimum. For a designer, money will never be a problem as long as they get their ideas flowing.

5) You can freelance

You can work in any firm locally or globally or even be your own boss. Freelancing is the new basic. But can doctors, builders, pilots, air staff, hotel managers, patrol officers, chefs, non-tech engineers, fashion designers, architects, work from the comfort of their homes? They can’t! But designers and anyone and everyone in the IT sector can freelance and earn well in that too. All you need is a device, an internet connection, and a will to work.

6) Job Roles for graphic designers

As mentioned above, graphic designers do not necessarily need to be graphic designers. There are a lot of other creative roles that require designing arts and skills, making it perfectly open for designers. Below are some of the job roles graphic designers are sought for-

● UI designer
● UX designer
● Creative Director
● Art Director
● Production artist
● Animator
● Game graphics developer
● Book designer
● Magazine designer
● Poster Designer
● Design consultant
● Multimedia artist
● Film editor
● Logo designer

Graphic designing is a highly efficient profession with different job opportunities, which adds up to your skills too. The creative work pays well as compared to others and once experienced and people getting to know your designs and arts provides a safe and secure job for a long time. Considering the fact that the demand for graphic designers will increase up to 40% in the next decade.

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