If you love designing and most of the time daydreaming about creating designs, you may consider graphic designing to be a career option for you. Graphic designing is all about stirring your creative mind and bringing out extraordinary designs.

The designing jobs have become competitive apart from being just popular. Thus, you need to stand out in the crowd with an appropriate set of skills.

Getting a formal education or pursuing a formal study is not enough for you to seize opportunities. You need to work hard for becoming a pro in graphic designer.

1) Understand the fundamentals of graphic design :

Learning the fundamentals of any field is like learning the letters to create words and sentences. You can’t underrate the step anyways.

A strong empire can be made only when the fundamental is strong and upright. You can’t skip any step while developing your skills in graphic designing.

Becoming a graphic designer without any formal education is possible, but you need to make sure that a thorough grounding in the theory and the practices of design is a must-have to do your job well.

It has also been found that students who have pursued three years of graduation course in graphic designing are lacking many necessary skills which are needed at the workplaces. Even though you are enthusiastic about going for a full-time course, you can still learn about the fundamentals of graphic designing.
Having adequate knowledge about the basics of the field will help you to be experimental while creating your designs.

2) Develop your Software Skills:

To become a pro in graphic designing, you need to learn as many software as you can. Learning software, for once is never enough as there are daily updates and improvements in that software.

Most of the programs and formal education will not teach you heavy software, and you have to put your extra effort to learn them.

While the academic courses will help you to understand the concepts and the principles, the practical hands-on software knowledge will increase your problem-solving capability while working on real-time projects.

Most of the design jobs that you will look for ask for specific skills of software and designing tools. Photoshop, the Illustrator, are some of the common and must do tools you can learn in the beginning. There are many tutorials available over YouTube and other websites which can help you to determine the software quickly and promptly.

3) Develop the correct setup:

Being a graphic designer means that you have to deal with heavy and multiple software at once. It is not only about runj9ng Microsoft office, and thus you need to have the right kind of set up for that.

Most of the software which runs in your computer is a graphic designer demand for a better RAM and high capacity hard disk. Your mouse also needs to be something different than the regular and which are exclusively used for designing.

Setting up as a graphic designer can be costly than usual. You even need to possess specific software.

4) Work for Charity or start freelancing:

If you think that learning alone can help you to become a pro in your graphic designing journey, then you are enough wrong.

The first thing you need to understand here is that graphic designing is all about creativity, and the definition of becoming “creative” is different for different groups of people.

Thus, once you have started learning and, on your way, to becoming a pro, you need to understand the demand of the market and set new challenges for your self to polish your skills.

You can’t wait for your dream project to showcase all the skills that you have acquired so far. It takes immense practise to reach the stage of perfection.

Through Charity or working as a freelancer, you can offer your services either for free or against a very minimal charge. The way you can bag multiple projects to work upon. Don’t forget to ask for feedback and take criticism as new opportunities to get better.

5) Get in touch with established designers:

You can never be the “best one” until you get to compare your skills to others. Creativity makes you competitive enough and as we discussed earlier, the definition of being creative is different for all. But there must be some established designers already, whom you look up to or maybe whose designs inspire you to do even better things.

There is an excellent idea that you can follow. A placement with a good design studio, as an intern can get you invaluable experiences. You will also get the opportunity to see closely how the design companies run and what are the challenges they face while competing in the market. If you can show your skills and talent within the organisation, you can also bag a full-time job in the same organisation.

You can prefer reading the interviews with different famous designers and also can learn a lot from their journey. There are many events and meetups take place in every city nowadays, you have to be aware of such events where you can establish some great contacts, either to meet good designers or let people know that you are working as one.

6) Create Your work portfolio:

Creating your design portfolio is a must-do and maybe a must-have in your belongings. A work portfolio is a systematic and organised presentation of your working skills through various projects.

You can demonstrate your ability through a work portfolio in front of new customers or even while looking for a job in a designing studio or company.

Creating a robust portfolio can help you to dive in the ocean of all that you have worked on and finding the best one to show. But an online presence is equally important to express yourself to a large number of mass.

A twitter account and a Facebook page are the first things that you must have before having a website of your own. The digital appearance makes you look more professional and create a better first impression in people’s mind.

If you don’t have enough good work to show, this is the time to create some of them.

7) Be a part of award schemes:

The world is turning out to be a competitive platform day by day, and you can’t leave any single stone unturned. You never know which platform can get you what. Thus, you need to be very cautious about the to-do list while trying to become a pro graphic designer.

If you want to build a good reputation, having some accolades under your belt is the best possible idea. There are plenty of award schemes where you can submit your work and try your luck. This is a great thing to do while you are trying to bag a dream job.

Takeaway: The one and intact step of becoming a pro graphic designer is to keep going. The design industry is changing according to the taste of various other sectors which are dependent on graphic designing for many purposes. You may encounter many more steps in between if needed. Keep going means that you need to keep on creating great designs and keep stirring the creativity inside you.