While taking any course, we are often confused due to the question that, what will we be doing after its completion? The same question applies to the Graphic Designing Course as well. Listed below are some of the awesome things you can try your hands on after you learn Graphics Design.

1) Branding

Everyone has an untold story that is waiting to be told, to be seen and heard- be it a small business or an international company. They all have intricately crafted stories, ready to come to life, this is where a graphic designing steals the show. They use elite visuals and narrations to breathe life into the beautiful story, definitely stealing the viewer’s attention and heart.

2) Advertising and Marketing Designing

Advertisements have been a critical part of our day-to-day life since the time of vintage. And with digitisation, this has become an inseparable part too- be it taking a stroll down the street, reading newspapers, listening to songs online, watching YouTube, playing online songs, casually scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, playing mobile games, and more or less every action you could think of. Advertisements are everywhere and so are the graphic designing behind those ads, making it a job with high scope.

3) Digital Arts

Digital arts are paintings in digital format- widely used in entertainment purposes like television, films, video games, and commercials. Digital artists’ demands have been upsurged due to the increase in entertainment demands around the globe. It also means that Graphic Creators are valued all over the world and not just restricted to a certain area.

4) Publishing/ Editorials

Publishing and editorials are a major part of many industries- be it Business, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Cooking, Tech, Children ad Uncountable others. All of these require a talented graphic designer- because a magazine is all about visuals. Magazines are greatly popular with classy people and thus, it is a great sector with a high requirement of designers.

5) Product Packaging

As weird as it may seem, even the packaging of any product needs graphic design too. Be it any product anywhere in the whole world, it will always be wrapped and packed, making it one of the very huge markets. To make it meaningful and attractive, and to make it so appealing that you would want to buy it the moment you lay your eyes on the product. That is the charisma you are learning with designing, to be an eye-catcher.

6) Typeface and Typography

Typeface and Typography are playing with words and fonts, turning basics into notables, providing the art with an identity. Typefaces are used to create unique designs. It is a visualisation of art and the technique of creating sculptures from stones. It needs creative thinking which only graphic designers can provide.

7) Illusions/Illustrations

An illustration is a depiction of an idea or concept while Illusion is the deception of showing the things that are not actually there but are made for us to believe that they exist. Both of them are highly aesthetic and creative which will make you astonished about the heights of creativity in deception. You already know who could do very well in this.

8) Animations and VFX

This decade has witnessed changing trends in Education, Advertisement, Entertainment, Scientific Visualizations, Arts, Gaming, Architecture, Engineering. With this, another thing has gained popularity in making all the above-mentioned things bigger and better- animations and VFX. Animation is also a type of graphic design. One more thing to try if you are a graphic designer.

9) Photography Product and Lifestyle

What is the only type of shopping everybody likes? It is undoubtedly Photo-shopping, to make a regular image look special. Photoshop and Lightroom are also a part of graphic designing included in many graphic designing courses and degrees. So you can do weirdly amazing things using these with considerable knowledge and a sense of graphics.
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